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Cab Ride - Paris Turn

All images are Copyright 1998 Brian Thompson, and may not be reproduced or published in any form without the express
permission of Brian Thompson

My thanks go to Railink engineer Brad Bennett for letting me document a day on the "Paris Turn",
making a rare daylight run on a Sunday afternoon.

Our power for the trip is Railink M420W's 3509 and 3508 CN #399 comes past at Paris while we make our lift
Engineer Brad Bennett at the controls of RLK 3509 going through Paris, Ont. Conductor Art gets the paperwork in order as the train crosses the high-level bridge over the Grand River at Paris, Ont on CN's Dundas Subdivision.
Brad watches for the tail-end to clear the high-level bridge where a slow-order is in place Art is silhouetted as he looks back on the train Coming into Brantford, Ontario where we'll get onto Railink's Hagersville Sub. Arriving at Caledonia, Ont.
Arriving at Hagersville, Ontario. Tracks at right lead to interchange with the Canada Southern (CASO) We're about to cross the diamond with the Canada Southern (CASO) at Hagersville, Ont. The engineer's perspective, looking back on 67 cars: hoppers for Ontario Hydro and tankers for Esso Tom (right) gets ready to get off to switch out cars at the Esso refinery
At the gate to Ontario Hydro, Art calls for clearance to enter. Art rides the "porch" Brad took my picture! Another view of Brad at the controls

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