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U.S. Northeast - Conrail's last day

Here's a look at some of the action in Buffalo, NY on Monday, May 31, 1999. Conrail's final day before the take-over by CSX and Norfolk Southern took effect.

CR B23-7 # 2806 has CSX letters punched into the side plates beneath the walkway. One of only two units seen this day with post-merger renumbering. Another unit with post-merger renumbering applied. CR #5070 leads NS 9343 on an eastbound heading into Buffalo at Bayview Ave.
CR 5618-6102 eastbound at Bayview Ave. A Cotton Belt unit splices two Conrails.
CR 6178-SSW 7271-CR 6512
CSX GE's 9018-9016 back onto a train on the Bailey side of Frontier Yard. A 15-unit light engine move which later headed west from Buffalo.
A local job returns to Frontier Yard with the caboose leading. Two shiny new BNSF GE's back onto their train at Frontier Yard. Two South Buffalo RR units work in Lackawanna, NY. Amtrak 288-413 hustle east past Frontier Yard,

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