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VIA Rail photographs

All images are Copyright 1998 Brian Thompson, and may not be reproduced or published in any form without the express
permission of Brian Thompson 

The one and only time I caught VIA's problematic TurboTrain, sitting outside Union Station in Toronto.  Shot at dusk when I was just a budding teenage railfan (about 1978 or '79). Noon-hour westbound #73 slows for a station stop at Brantford with VIA #6791 in charge A pair of steam generator-equipped RS-18's await their next passenger train assignment at CN's Spadina Shops in Toronto, Ontario. VIA FP9 #6529 awaits its next assignment at Spadina Shops in Toronto, ONT
CN RS-18 #3153 in the Tempo paint scheme, is in charge of a westbound VIA train at Bayview Junction, Hamilton, Ont. VIA 6429 in Home Hardware scheme crosses triple rail bridge in Brantford, Ont. July 1998  VIA FPA-4 #6782, an FP9B and two 3100-series CN RS-18's are on the point of VIA train #75, a late afternoon Toronto-Windsor passenger train which in the early 1980's would typically be 15-20coaches! VIA FPA-4 #6771 clips along at 80 mph approaching the Oak Park Road grade crossing, located between Brantford and Paris, Ontario.

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