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Amtrak 149 Wendover, UT  

Amtrak 149

On Thursday Sept. 13, 2001 Amtrak's California Zephyr #5 left the siding at Salduro approx. 10 miles east of Wendover, UT. One problem, there was still a UP coal on the main. Although not official (yet), this one almost certainly was human failure, as the signals were in working order, with no reported mechanical failures aboard the train. The picture quality is horrible, but you can plainly see the area where the front of Amtrak 149 sliced into the UP coal train still clearing on the main. The small object behind the engine on the right is a crane, which is sitting at the end of what is left of the siding, which I believe was Salduro @ MP 814.8. The baggage car is on the left. That's part of the telephone line still draped over the front of 149.

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