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BNSF's Seligman Sub; Bellemont to Winslow Map and Railfan Info  

BNSF's Seligman Sub Map and Railfan Info
Bellemont, AZ to Winslow, AZ Topographical Map

Topo map derived from Delorme's Topo Map 3.0


Elevation Data derived from Delorme's Topo Map 3.0

Disclaimer: The line doesn't make the wild gyrations in elevation shown above. The concept of tracing the railroad on the Topo map program is such that it hasn't the ability to account for grade corrections made by the RR. For example: cuts, bridges, fills, and tunnels are not accounted for. So therefore the elevation line above may go over a peak or deep into a valley, whereas the RR might go through a tunnel or over a bridge easing the grade of the RR line. The map is meant to show general altitude changes only. I have included the map to help the railfan determine the approximate grade inclinations faced by the RR in a given area. For example: Between Winslow and Flagstaff the RR is climbing quite nicely in the westward direction, and downhill to the east. Does this make sense? I hope so. :)

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