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Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision: Las Vegas Segment: Las Vegas, NV to Milford, UT  

Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision
Las Vegas Segment: Las Vegas, NV to Moapa, NV
Updated 2-28-2003  Current Picture Count = 30

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Meadow Valley Wash (Farrier, NV to Caliente, NV)
Clover Creek (Eccles, NV to Uvada, UT)
Milford (Modena, UT to Milford, UT)

        The Las Vegas segment of the Caliente Sub begins in good ole downtown Las Vegas. Crews change here and the new crews getting onto eastbound trains are embarking onto the Caliente Sub. This section has some very scenic locations and easy access to much of the track. There are a few locals to watch up near Valley and the mainline trains heading out of town put on a show around Garnet and Dry Lake. This is desert railroading at its best. Be prepared for fast trains and lots of heat, at least in the summer anyway. Go to my Las Vegas North Map and Info Page for maps, directions, and railfan info.

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Las Vegas (east of crew change)...

UP 4008 Las Vegas, NVUP 9721  Las Vegas, NVUP 's Dick Davidson Special  Las Vegas, NVUP 4681  Las Vegas, NV


UP 4021  Wann, NVUP 4266  Wann, NV


UP 9595  Valley, NVUP 4097  Valley, NVUP 7519  Valley, NV

Dike...None So Far (looks alot like Valley)


UP 9176  Apex, NVUP 3798  Apex, NVUP 8221  Apex, NVUP 4003  Apex, NVUP 4061  Apex, NVUP 4030  Apex, NV


SP 294  Arrolime, NVUP 4916  Arrolime, NV


UP 4245  Garnet, NVUP 4039  Garnet, NVUP 4131  Garnet, NV*UP 4968  Garnet, NV*Garnet, NV*UP 4868 swaps crew with UP 5774 at the west switch of Garnet siding. This is approx. 20 miles north of Las Vegas, NV. (229K)

Dry Lake...

UP 6671  Dry Lake, NVUP 4181  Dry Lake, NVUP 4266  Dry Lake, NVUP 6604  Dry Lake, NVUP 7143  Dry Lake, NV

Ute...None So Far


UP 9486  Moapa, NVUP 9486  Moapa, NV

Caliente Sub East

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