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Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision: Milford Segment: Modena, UT to Milford, UT  

Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision
Milford Segment: Modena, UT to Milford, UT
Updated 11-27-2003  Current Picture Count =10

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        The Milford segment of the Caliente Sub lies entirely in the state of Utah. This 75 mile stretch of track passes farm lands and sandy high desert terrain. I haven't done much exploring along this section of track, so I'll leave things as they are for now. I'm going to try and spend a couple of weekends along the tracks out here during the summer of 2003. Maybe I'll be able to get a few shots and certainly a bit more info for this page. I can tell you there are dirt roads as well as a few paved ones along most of this entire segment. So for now, plan on checking back in a few months for more updates.

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UP Milford, UT Crew Change

Heist...none so far

Beryl...none so far

Zane...none so far


UP Milford, UT Crew Change

Latimer...none so far

Thermo...none so far

Upton...none so far

Milford...MP 576.7
UP Milford, UT Crew ChangeUP 5832  Milford, UTUP 5723  Milford, UTUP 5723  Milford, UTUP 4311  Milford, UTUP 4031 Milford, UTUP Milford Yard, Milford, UTUP 5838  Milford, UT

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