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UP 6479  Kyle, NV

UP 6479

Eastbound UP 6479 leads a unit cement train through the MVW, seen here crossing the wash for the 10th time since leaving Moapa, 50 miles south of here. The wash is never more than a mile from the tracks for the entire 80 mile route.

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    The weekend trip began in Las Vegas, NV, Thursday morning, 9-25. The purpose of the trip was work, but that would only encompass the first half of Friday, leaving time for some great railfanning in spectacular Utah during the height of the fall color change. My original plans were to join the tracks at Milford, Utah and follow north from there as much of the line as possible. An early departure from Vegas made me consider a second plan, to follow the line from Moapa, NV through the Meadow Valley Wash and along the "Omaha Road" to Milford, UT. This decision would mean deciding to drive along dirt roads for nearly 100 miles of the 400 mile trip to Salt Lake City. The decision was easy though and I eased my truck off of I-15 onto an exit which would bring me trackside in a mere few miles.

    I had no idea how many trains I would see during the run through the wash and stopping for long in any location waiting wasn't in the cards. I managed only 2 trains along the entire 80 miles route, grabbing this photo of an eastbound train at Kyle. Along the dirt road I met a UP welding gang who in a very generous gesture moved their 3 trucks (during lunch I might add) out of the way so I could pass. The MVW road is only one lane for much of its southern parts. Thanks guys!! (That would have been a long detour otherwise.)

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