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Union Pacific's Cima Subdivision Page: Afton Canyon Segment: Kerens, CA to Dunn, CA  

Union Pacific's Cima Subdivision
Afton Canyon Segment: Kerens, CA to Dunn, CA
Updated 4-25-2003 Current Picture Count = 2

    This section of the subdivision is one of the most difficult to access and subsequently the least visited and photographed for me as well as many railfans out there. I don't have much info now, but I will be making day trip soon to explore this section further and get some pictures.  That having been said, it is very scenic along this section, (at least the portions I have seen) highlighted by the spectacular cliffs of Afton Canyon. The canyon was formed by the passing of the Mojave River and provided early railroad engineers with a viable way through the mountains north of Yermo. The canyon isn't very easy to drive in and a 4X4 is most likely a must. The river can be a problem too, sometimes filling with water and washing out the roads.  I have only visited the western reaches of the canyon, accessible from I-15 along a road named Afton Cyn Rd, which leads to a campground and a nice bridge over the Mojave. It is possible to visit most of this section by following the dirt roads west from Kelso and all the way into Afton. Beware of the sand though, as I have heard it can be very unforgiving.
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Obviously this page needs some attention. I plan to attempt a multi day run to this area in the summer of  '03. Look for additions then. Thanks for your patience.


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Flynn (retired)...none so far

Kerens...none so far

Sands...none so far

Balch...none so far

Crucero...none so far

Basin...none so far


UP 7516 Afton Cyn, CAUP 7516 Afton Cyn, CA

Dunn...none so far

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