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Union Pacific's Lyndyll Subdivision Page; Clear Lake Segment: Delta, UT to Milford, UT  

Union Pacific's Lyndyll Subdivision
Clear Lake Segment: Delta, UT to Milford, UT
Updated 01/09/2005 Current Picture Count = 18

        The Clear Lake segment of the Lyndyll Sub has some rather interesting features that could be fun to explore. For areas between Read and Bloom, the line passes through rolling hills and gently sloped valleys with a few shallow cuts to get the line through. I always seem to be in a big hurry passing through here so I don't explore like I'd like to, but needless to say there are locations here that deserve more attention. For the rest of the segment, this might be the most accessible portion of the entire sub in terms of following it from paved roads. For miles the line runs within a few hundred feet of Utah Rte 257 and has numerous places to pull off. Coupled with the lack of road traffic, this route makes for some of the best high speed pacing available that I am aware of. Literally 40 miles or more can be run here with little or no thought of traffic or other worries. This is a great place to be all by your lonesome and just follow a train. 
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UP 9498  Delta, UT

Van...None Yet

Clear Lake

UP 5799  Clear Lake, UTUP 4195  Clear Lake, UT*


 UP 9498  Bloom, UT

Cruz...None Yet

Black Rock

BNSF 4174  Black Rock, UTBNSF 4174  Black Rock, UTUP 5793 Black Rock, Ut


UP 5000  Read, UT


UP 8271  Murdock, UTUP 4953  Milford, UT


UP Milford, UT Crew ChangeUP 5832  Milford, UTUP 5723  Milford, UTUP 5723  Milford, UTUP 4311  Milford, UTUP 4031 Milford, UTUP Milford Yard, Milford, UTUP 5838  Milford, UT

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