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Union Pacific's Lyndyll Subdivision Page; Salt Lake Segment: Salt Lake City, UT to St John, UT  

Union Pacific's Lyndyll Subdivision
Salt Lake Segment: Salt Lake City, UT to St John, UT
Updated 05/06/2007 Current Picture Count = 18

       The Lyndyll Sub is fairly diverse in the terrain it passes through. Ranging from heavily populated industrial centers to wide open plains and mountain passes. The segment covered on this page sort of covers them all. Along the 47 miles of this portion of the Lyndyll Sub, the UP passes through industrial / commercial complexes, a couple of mines, and a large copper refinery. Yet along this very same track, there exists several isolated hillside passes and wide open fields of dry grass. It is a unique location where a little driving can really afford a completely new perspective at nearly every mile. A bit of exploring may yield some nice locations that possibly very few railfans have ever seen, or at least visit very often. Good Luck!

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Salt Lake City

UP 4464  Salt lake City, UTUP 4555  Salt Lake City, UTUP 6498  SLC, UTUP 9579  SLC, UTUP 4254  SLC, UTUP 6681  SLC, UTUP Slat Lake Yards:  SLC, UTUP 4140  SLC, UT*

Grant Tower...None Yet

Orange Street

UP 2576  SLC, UT

Buena Vista

UP 3768  Buena Vista, UT


UP 4627  Garfield, UT


UP 4559  Garfiled, UT

Lake Point

UP 4212  Lake Point, UTUP 5775  Lake Point, UTUP 4627  Lake Point, UT

Erda...None Yet

Warner...None Yet


UP 4066  Stockton, UT

St John

UP 4066  St John, UTUP 4357  St John, UT


West on the Lyndyll Sub

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