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ACTIVATION: Push Button & Rotary Button

INTERFACE REQUIRED: Straight track sections and 736 or 936 auto load stock car. Cows with felt bases for stockyard

ACTION PERFORMED: Car is positioned in front of chute at end of ramp. Chute is lowered manually into either of the two doorways on the cattle car. rotary knob is turned on causing the cattle to move forward from the action of a vibrating mat. Brown cows or black cows circle the pens. Counter clockwise moving cows are on the left and clockwise moving cows are on the right. The gate is opened on either side of the ramp and the cows exit into the ramp, up the ramp and into the car. The button on the controller vibrates the mat inside the car and the cattle move forward to the other end of the car waiting for drop off. Reverse procedure to unload and the cows return to the pen.

#771 (1950-54) Red building, green roof, yellow fence. Vibration adjustment inside building.

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