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Welcome to my railroad
Berryville & Summit Point Railway


   If you came expecting to see an N scale model railroad based upon a railroad that now or ever existed you will be disappointed. The building of the B&SP is for my enjoyment and eventually for the enjoyment of friends when invited to operation sessions.
I buy what appeals to me by design, color or a memory from years past. I mix trains that may never have appeared together on a real railroad but it doesn't bother me.
The B&SP offers the opportunity to try my model building, carpentry, painting and wiring skills but most of all, to use my imagination.
Some time spent in the layout room and I am in 'pig heaven'.
I chose to follow for the most part, a design by Gordon Odegard which had been featured in the October 1957 issue of Model Railroader named the Berryville & Summit Point Railway.
As designed by Gordon, the B&SP is an "out-and-back" railroad with the main yard located at Berryville and the opposite end of the run the loop between Lisbon and Barberton. Much of the loop is concealed to minimize any visual connection between these two points. The track between Lisbon and Rocky Run, Summit and Rocky Run and Wilcox and Summit are concealed as well.
The existence of the railroad is justified by the number of industries it serves and since my main interest lies in switching operations, I'm satisfied too.
Passing sidings are short to accommodate trains of 5 - 7 cars.
7 towns and a planned timetable operation coupled with the fact that the road is single track, promises to provide some satisfying excitement.

Almost forgot, I'm the guy in the white pants and tan shirt.