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09 Aug
Buhl Model Train Society
Minutes of the Aug. 24, 2009 meeting
Time: 6:00 PM
Present: Pres. Dave, Bob Shannon, John Takoch, George Dell, Ken , Chuck Dugan, Lee Weber
Guests: Jim and Dale Guthrie
Minutes of the June 1 meeting approved
Treasure's Report
     Chuck reported we have $90 with no current expenses
     We currently are using a cash account only
     Lee W will try to find a bank that will let us open a checking account
     All checks need to be made payable to "Chuck Dugan" with notation 
        Model Train Society on the bottom
     All train show flyers need to correctly state check payable to Chuck D
Promotion Committee
     Flyers are done, newspaper article being submitted, registration forms
        available in Buhl and Library, counting on lots of word of mouth ad-
        vertising by Society members and others
Bob Shannon
     Need letter of invitation to Greenville Railroad Society fof Dec. display;
        Approved; Dave said he's send the invitation
     Request to permit Sharon Model Club to set up a model display at the
        Dec. train show; approved
     Chuck D asked that we give a one month extension regarding the fee
        for registration
Personal Contact Committee
     Ken reported that the gym layout space is 10'x14' for each display; this 
        includes space for walking 
     Dave said he will contact last year's participants; each member is asked
        to get at least two other participants
     Suggestion was made for each member to get an announcement in 
        his church's bulletin; also put poster in hobby shops; also, have a 
        sign up sheet at this year's show for next year (2010)
Door Prizes
     Lee showed the current contributions: calendar, book, art work
     John will ask George Kraynak for a door prize contribution
     All members are asked to try to get door rizes and bring them to the 
        September meeting
     John will bring rr sound effect tapes       
     A Blue Grass band agreed to play during the show
     Fred Theisx, a banjo player agreed to perform
     Swimming pool - we agreed that Buhl could do and "open house" for
        the pool but not have an open swim
     George Dell showed off the new logo design
Web Auction
     George showed his drawing that we can use to make prints for an on-
        line auction; we agreed $20 per signed, numbered prints would be
        ok; George will check out printing costs
     Mark has access to a tree to be decorated; Ken and Lee have Santa
        Clauses we can use
Fund Raising
     We discussed fund raising ideas in addition to George's prints, including
        one by Rich D'Archagelo; no decision yet
Next Meeting
     Sept. 28, Monday evening at 6:30 PM at John Takoch's home; address is
        4571 Sonoff Lane, Hermitage -- off South Keel Ridge  John's phone is
        724 347 3409
The meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM
Submitted by Lee Weber, Secretary