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09 Sep
Buhl Model Train Society
Meeting Minutes from Sept. 28,2009
Present:  Jim Guthrie, Bob Shannon, Ken Rogers,John Takoch (host for the meeting), George Dell, Chuck Dugan, Gordon Urmson, Pres. Dave Davis, Lee Weber
Minutes from Aug. 24, 2009 read and approved
Treasurer's Report:  $140.00 in acct.
Suggestions and Discussions
   No outside regeistrations
   We need a table source; asak registrants to bring their own; Ken said the
     Covenant Presbyterian Church will allow us to use theirs
   Chuck suggests we have an event advertising display at Buhl; suggests we
     have candy canes for the kids, maybe by Santa; most thought it should be
     as the kids are leaving (too sticky); Bob thought Kraynaks might supply
Personal Contacts
   Went over list of possible participants. Dave asked each member about who
     they are working on for participation
   Chuck suggested we ask McGonigle to have 1 or 2 EMTs at the event
   The Greenville Model Train group is not interested in participating
   Shenango Valley Model club has issues with no handicap entrance
   Dave suggested we try to lock down any possible participants by next
     meeting. Contact Dave when you have a frim commitment from anyone.
Door Prizes
   George showed his 11x16 picture
   All members should ask for any kind of gift when opportunity is there
   Lee will make up a letterhead and letter to give to any door prize
   John asked how door prizes are distributed. Answer: All attendees get a
     ticket to put in the container next to the prize they'd like to win. One
     ticket is drawn from each container at the end of the show.
   Gordon will ask Kraynaks for a door prize contribution
   Ken will determine where to place Door Prize display at the show
   Dave asked Bob S. to help him since Chuck B. is ill
   Dave suggested we have a brochure or sheet for attendees to state who is
     displaying and the theme or emphasis of their display. George will ask the
     printer he uses if he'll run it for us.
   All is in hand
Story Hour
   Milton Wilson agreed to be the story teller for the children there. A place will
     be designated for it.
Set Up Plan/Theme
   After many suggestions we agreed on
      "2nd Annual Buhl Community Recreation Center Holiday Train Show"
Buhl Advertising Display
   We need posters and a place for a model train display as advertisiing. It was
     suggested we use the Wellness Center room window. Chuck will try to get
     permission from Buhl.
Web Site
   Our minutes are placed on the web site:
   Dave thanked John for hosting us and letting us see his model display
Next Meeting
   October 26 BCRC
Adjournment at 8:07 pm
Lee Weber, Secretary