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Minutes from April 27, Buhl Model Railroad Society

Next Meeting:  Monday, June 1 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Buhl Preschool Room adjacent to the Wilson Room.  *Follow directions posted in second floor hallway.
George Dell to bring two of his favorite prints so we can prepare to place them on auction on e-bay.

1.  Minutes:  April minutes read and approved.

2.  Set-Up Report:  Ken Rodgers:  Report given on the physical arrangement for the 2009 holiday train show.  Drawing on next page.

    A.  Gym floor specs the same as recorded in our Feb. 27 minutes.
    B.  Additional:

        a.  Found:  One more electrical receptacle (floor receptacle ) along the right hand side of the gym.  See drawing.
        b.  Display areas:  to be in 10’ x 14’ blocks with 10’ x 10’ actual display area with 4’ between displays.  A person could request more than one 10’ x 14’ display area if needed.
        c.  Displays to be on outside walls of the gym floor with a walkway running along the displays.
        d.  Ten (non-electrical) displays to be placed down the center of the gym.
        e.  Six display areas also available in the hallway.
        e.  Diagram was passed out, as part of Ken’s report.

3.  Report on our LOGO by George Dell:  George passed around pictures and possibilities for our logo.  After discussion, our Society decided that we would like to feature a different train engine in our logo.  Rather than having a picture of Big Boy, our desire was to use the engine on display at Greenville, PA since this would be more local.  George Dell to design the logo.
        A.  Our committee asked if George Dell would bring in two of his favorite     pictures so that our society could auction them off on e-bay as limited-edition     prints.  We’ll decide at our next meeting further detail about pricing such as a     beginning point for bids etc.  Use of proceeds for the auction to be used as     working capital for our society.

3.  Discussion of Mission Statement:  Mission statement revised by deleting the last sentence so that it now reads:  “To introduce and promote the appreciation and legacy of model railroading to all ages through an annual holiday model train show as a part of the program of  (BCRC)  The Buhl Community Recreation Association.”

4.  Relationship to Buhl Community Recreation Center.  (Further known in our minutes as  BCRC?)  Questions:

    A.  Donations:  We understand that all donations, over-cost, are to be given to BCRC.
    B.  Our relationship to BCRC?  We understand that our society is a part of BCRC and program, not just an outside group using Buhl facilities.  We want to be certain that we are acting in  formal approval with BCRC and it’s board.
    C.  Treasury Account:  Are we permitted to open a treasury account?
    D.  Request:  That we always have a member of the BCRC at all of our meetings so that we are always on the same page as BCRC.

5.  Further Business:

    A.  All board members incurring costs to submit these costs to our treasurer.
    B.  Suggestion:  That contact be made to TOM ULMER of New Wilmington, PA to see if he would like to participate in our December show and invite to be a part of our society.  Tom is an avid train collector.
    C.  Request:  Action on publicity:  newspaper, t.v. cable, publicity in BCRC front hallway.  Suggestion that a picture from our ‘08 show to be included in the bulletin board display of  BCRC activities.
    D.  Question:  Have arrangements been made with the library to set up promotional displays for our ‘09 show.  Bob Shannon has many display items which could be used.
        Minutes prepared by David Davis, in absence of  Lee Weber, Secretary