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Buhl Model Railroad Society
Minutes of October 26, 2009
Present: Pres. Dave, Chuck D, John T, Ken R, Jim M, Gordon, Mark, Lee
Advertising: Jim M. will do an article for the newspaper
Minutes: Sept. meeting minutes approved
Treasurer: $165 in the account; approved
Train Show:
   Mark requested donations of Xmas decorations
   Wayne (Buhl) wants to know when we will be out of the space on Sunday/Monday
Personal Contacts:
   No new participants; currently at 21 set ups
   Ken suggested it would be better to have gym available on Friday night to set up tables
      Dave/Ken will check with Buhl
   Ken feels we should try to get tables to Buhl on Thursday night and set up Friday a.m.
   A reminder to participants: bring your own extension cords
   Discussed and decided where to put "Welcoming" display - immediately inside entrance
      to gym
Door prizes:
   We should have donor listed by the item. John will give N gague layout
   Lee will bring a tv with built in VCR for John's sound videos; need 2 more VCRs
Traffic Flow:
   We should have traffic go into first gym door, around the room and out far gym door
   We need direction signs; Bob offered to do them
   We should have the name and description of each display; Carol D will do
   Ken will bring train for Buhl windo display
   Door Prize tickets: ask guests to write name and phone # and put in container by the
      prize they hope to win; drawings for prizes will be at 4:00 p.m. Sunday; winners called
   Dave distributed posters to everyone for advertising
   Mark will put up tree in Wilson Room for story teller
   Most decorations will be at door prize display
   Mark needs a tree for the 3rd floor stairwell window
Swimming Pool:
  The "Mermaids" will do a show
   Buhl may do an open house in the racket ball court area
Next Meeting:
   November 23 at 6:30 p.m.
   8:27 p.m.
Lee Weber, Secretary