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Minutes from February 27, Buhl Model Railroad Society

Attendance:  Chuck Block, Richard D’Arcangelo, David Davis, George Dell, Robert Downing,  Chuck Dugan, Jim Mondok, Mark Radkowski,  Ken Rogers,  Robert Shannon, Gordon Urmson, Douglas Wheaton, Lee Weber.

1.  Group introductions

2. Studied drawing of the Buhl Gym which is on the back side of the Feb. 27 Agenda.  Noting:

    A.  Size:  111 ft., by 90 ft.
    B.  Six electrical outlets within gym
    C.  Two electrical outlets from entrance hall way
    D.  One outlet in outdoor entrance hall
    E.  One outlet in hallway to swimming pool.
        Ten available outlets
    F.  Question:  Do all outlets work?  To be checked out

3.  Discussion:  Name of our organization?  Decision:  Buhl Model Railroad Society.

4.  Web Site report given by David Davis in absence of Bob Konnen, web designer.

    A.  Bob found a free web site from TrainWeb domain.  Bob plans to immediately set up and have it interface with the Buhl Community Recreation Center.  Our web site will be:  
    B.  We plan to post:  a logo of Buhl Model Railroad Society; announcements and minutes; pictures of previous shows, membership list, interfacing with other model railroad clubs, links to railroad related sites, list of our local sponsors, “contact us;”  etc.

5.  Logo report by George Dell followed by discussion.

    A.  Included in logo:
        a.  Name:  Buhl Model Rail Road Society
        b.  Background:  two crossing railroad tracks forming an X
        c.  Drawing of “Big Boy locomotive” in center

    B.  Use:  Publicity, stationary, t-shirts, promotion:  banners, posters etc.

6.  Preparation of a Mission Statement:  To introduce and promote the appreciation and legacy of model railroading to all ages through an annual holiday model train show as a part of the program of The Buhl Community Recreation Association.   A secondary effort is to provide another opportunity for community exposure and interaction within the area.


7.  Costs, fees, admission. 
    A.  Donations to the Buhl Community Recreation Center for holidays show was $525.67.
B.  Our organization feels that an entrance charge would curtail our turn out and proposes:

a.  A $5.00 fee to all exhibitors if they register by September 30.  Reservations coming after the cut-off date will be $15.00.
b.  Have a firm commitment with BCRC that we will seek out sponsorships to help assist us in providing for the cost of Buhl facility.
        c.  Increase the size of the show
        d.  Make donation area even more visible
e.  Encourage BCRC  to have even more brochures, handouts etc. available for distribution.

8.   Future Meetings:  Studying the best time for future meetings, we discovered that the one date seemingly to be completely open for our next meeting would be:  MONDAY, MARCH 30 FROM 6:30 P.M. UNTIL 8:30 P.M.

9.  Possible configuration of officers for Buhl Model Railroad Society

    A.  President:
    B.  Secretary:
    C.  Treasurer:

        Promotion Team:      Getting the word out, brochures, posters, tickets.
        Media Team:  Newspaper, television, radio coverage
        Door Prizes Team:  Secure patrons to generate door prizes
        Personal Contact Team:   Contact and oversee train/memorabilia  exhibits
        Set-up Team:  To develop a theme for the train show and  carry out this plan.
        Web Site Team:  (Bob Konnen) To develop and maintain a web site
        Logo Team:  (George Dell):  To develop a logo for Railroad Society use.  George would also like to help with copying written documents.
        Decorations Team:  To develop and follow through with holiday decorations and railroad memorabilia.
        Correspondence Team:  To like with others outside of our organization.

10.  Train society would like to suggest that the Buhl Community Recreation Center 
find persons to use the racket courts and the pool during the hours of our program to let visitors see these facilities in use.

Repeat:  Next meeting:  Monday, March 30 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.