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Buhl Model Train Society
Meeting minutes of January 25, 2010
Present: Pres. Dave D, Jim Stevens, John T, Bob S, Ken R, Richard D, George D, Chuck D, Joe Baravich, Gordon U, Mark, Lee W
Minutes of Nov. 23, 2009 approved
Treasurer Chuck reported we have $227 in account
     Expenses for show - $60.46
     Donations to BCRC - $504.66
     Donation to 1st Presbyterian Church for tables - $25.00
Overview of December train show:
   Attendance of approximately 1050 people
   BCRC benefitted from exposure
   Ken's layout was great
   Lots of new participants  (Dave has list of new ones)
   Good PR for the Train society
   Door prizes had a few snafoos which need working on
   Brochure needs better printing
   Music added lots of good atmosphere
   Handicap entrance got lots of use
   Decorations were great thanks to Mark, Chuck, Carol and Carolyn
     Exercise window display would have been better if lighted
   We need a PA system for next show for announcements, introductions, etc.
   The "Conductor" was a good addition
   The Buhl Pool event was well attended; info tables were redundant
   Story time was better on Sunday due to announcement over PA
   Everyone seemed to enjoy the show
   Good security; roof work didn't interfere
   Having counters at the door helped; may have missed handicap door numbers
   Need to make sure every display table has a person overseeing it
   Web site photos are awsome; use for publicity next time
   Suggestion we have younger (stronger) guys to get and return tables
   Great cooperation from the BCRC staff all the way
Debbie DiCarlo's letter was read
Talked about sending thank you letters or notes; Dave will ask Jim M to do a general thank
     you for the Herald; thank yous should be sent to table providers, door prize providers,
     entertainers, new display participants, PR places, and BCRC
   Suggestions were made as to the type of thank you cards we might print and have on
     hand for future use; i.e., post card with train engine on it
   For next show, thank you cards/letters should be ready and done as we go
Other observations on the Dec. Show:
   Have assigned responsibility for handling all funds received at the show; have two
     counters; count and turn in $ each day; pay security person(s)
   Have more signs that give directions to the Show and to the Buhl funtions
   Use more than one container for personal contributions from attendees
   Have a T shirt as souvenir
   Have more silent auction items to raise funds for Society
   Decorate the bleachers
   Have white boards for printed announcements
   BCRC may want to sell snacks for the Show
Permanent O Gague Display idea
   Bob Shannon suggested that the Society members build a permanent display for use in
     the show. It could be built by the members individually in modular sections, which would
     be put together for the Show. He estimates the cost per section to be $30. It would be
     themed. Seven (7) members expressed interest and willingness.
Jennifer Perry requested we allow her to do kids hands-on train/toy display in another
     room. We decided it would compete with the Show; we want to have the kids enjoying
     the Show.
Date for next Model Train Show is December 11 and 12, 2010
   Suggestion was made for a 1-5 pm time slot for both days
Next meeting is February 22, 2010, 6:30 PM at BCRC
Lee Weber, Secretary