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Oct 2010

Minutes to Ocober meeting:
    1.  Chuck Dugan:  $190.00 cash on hand.  $60.00 taken in from sale of shirts for balance of $250.00
    2.  Seven registrations taken for the show so far.
    3.  Module train layout.  Jim Guthrie to contact Jim Stevens for further action.
    4.  Entry lists:  Each member to contact 3 or 4 entrants from last year.  28 confirmed so far.  Add in paper
    5.   Tables;  Ken Rogers: We have plenty of tables secured.  Help needed transporting/returning/set-up.
    6.  Library story teller:  Confirmed both days
    7.  No food in gym.  Shenango Merimaids swimmers responsible for any food sales in Wilson Room.
    8.  Trains to be put on display at library and in BuhlCenter window in lobby.
    9.  Door prizes.  Who to contact was discussed & plan to solicit at Buhl Open House.  Hope:  Chuck & Carol Dugan to oversee.
    10.  Holiday decorations:  Mark Radkowski to head up
    11.  Publicity:  Jim Mondok
    12.  Buhl Open House:  Ken, Mark, Chuck to oversee & solicit venders for our prizes.
    13.  Hobo Hut:  Large box/boxes secured for decorations + HOBO decals.  May have HOBO mascots roaming.  George Dell & Stella may dress up.  Next Meeting.  Nov. 22, 6:30 p.m.