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Sept 2010

Minutes of the Sept. 27, '10 meeting
Present: Chuck D, John T, Bill P, Jim G, Jim S, Ken R, Mark R, Bob S, Pres. Dave, Lee W
Treasurer's Report:  $220 spent for T shirts - selling for $10 each; 5 sold. May sell them to the public.
Layouts: Society will phone possible participants - each member phone 3 others. The registration form is ready. Need to get more participants at the Show.
Nov. 13 is the Buhl CRC openhouse. We agreed to help supply cookies for the event. Bring them to the office that day.
Website: No updates.
Door Prizes for the Show: Let's try to get as many as possible at the Buhl Open House.
Chuck volunteered to work on doing this at the OPHO.
Engineering: At the show we should have a sign thanking our sponsors and donors.
Show Needs: Lee will get a TV/VCR to the train room to be used at the show for sound effects. The tables are already secured. Truck volunteers: Jim S, Ken, John and Dave
Holiday Decorations: Simple is better - trees, hobo display, crossing light. Chuck suggested having Carol Davis' students do art pictures. We could have the area elementary schools do the same and get more publicity.
Story Teller: Is secured through the Library.
T Shirts: A motion by Mark and Ken to sell our shirts at Buhl directly or by taking orders was approved. Chuck and Mark will take charge of it.
Advertising: We will put up a display at the Library and the BCRC workout room window.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM
Submitted by Lee Weber, Sect.