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Cajon Pass Group Railfanning Guidelines Page
Cajon Pass Group Railfanning Guidelines

Railfanning Guidelines

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, a new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was created to protect the nation's transportation system and its infrastructure. TSA, DOT, AAR, Operation Lifesaver, railroad police and local law enforcement urge railfans to adhere to the following guidelines:

         Operation LifesaverDo not trespass on railroad property or rights-of-way. Railroad property may extend 200 feet on either side of the tracks.

         Do not enter private property without permission.

         Avoid taking photos of military trains and equipment.

         Never walk out on a railroad bridge or trestle.

         Stay out of railroad tunnels.

         Do not climb on railroad property such as signal bridges, cabinets or other structures.

         Never climb on or under railroad cars or equipment.

         Only take photos or view trains from public locations.

         When taking photos from public railroad crossings, stay at least fifteen feet from the nearest rail.

         Obey all highway-rail crossing signs and signals.

         Cooperate fully with railroad police or other law enforcement officers when contacted.

         If suspicious activities are noted, report it to railroad or local law enforcement officers. Do not take any further action unless directed to do so.

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