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datsfs3.gif (1477 bytes) The San Bernardino A- yard
datsfs3.gif (1477 bytes)  The Lease serie (*)  
datsfs3.gif (1477 bytes) The Route 66 serie (*)    
datsfs3.gif (1477 bytes) The Pumpkin serie
datsfs3.gif (1477 bytes) The General Merchandise serie
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ATSF_Logo_1.jpg (5001 bytes) The Santa Fe Yard at San Berdino ATSF_Logo_1.jpg (5001 bytes)


Seen those switchers????? Nice Union Pacific cruisin' by.... Great, an all over the place sd40-2 following the SD45-T2
Union Pacific cruisin' along The train continues?? An broken up train is just under the bridge to it's place on this big intermodal yard
A lifting device, for unloadin' the intermodals Amazing, if one's camera drops and flips open it is damaging to the film. This scenery triggered my attention
To Home Page, Santa Fe , All the Way Another amazing shot, the famous bridge over the yard, recommended!



ATSF_Logo_1.jpg (5001 bytes)    At Devore    ATSF_Logo_1.jpg (5001 bytes)



Lease Engines at Devore lease engines at Devore. CA
Details of the U-boat Up front SD45
Front details U-boat
To Home Page, Santa Fe , All the Way An Original Santa Fe ballaster


ATSF_Logo_1.jpg (5001 bytes)    "While at Route 66"     ATSF_Logo_1.jpg (5001 bytes)

These pictures were taken while standing on the Middle of the Famous Road : " Route 66"
(Thanks to Roger, these pix could be taken as it was he, who watched for traffic for my safety)





While on Route66 While on Route 66
While on Route 66 While on route 66
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ATSF_Logo_1.jpg (5001 bytes)   The Pumpkin Train in Cajon Pass    ATSF_Logo_1.jpg (5001 bytes)



To Home Page, Santa Fe , All the Way pumpwest2.jpg (


ATSF_Logo_1.jpg (5001 bytes)   A General Merchandise through Cajon Pass    ATSF_Logo_1.jpg (5001 bytes)



general merchandise around the bend
general merchandise at the slope
a tanker in the general merchandise
To Home Page, Santa Fe , All the Way and another tanker in the general merchandise train