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CFNR Action Photo Gallery

California Northern
Action Photo Gallery

Railroad Gif's Drawn and copyrighted by Dan Klitzing. Re-posted here with his permission and my gratitude

These kids play chicken daily with the Napa Switcher, the kid on the left jumped off 5 seconds before we arrived where he is standing

We left the grain cars for General Mills on the main, while we head down the Mare Island track
Vallejo Waterfront, enroute to Mare Island
Street Running at it's finest. Mare Island bridge
The Curves on Mare Island were made for short Navy Locos, as a result they are very tight.

Approaching General Mills in Vallejo
All traffic inbound and outbound must be weighed on this scale at General Mills
The Fairfield Turn arrived back at Napa Jct. the same time we did
CFNR 109 blasts out of the Tunnel between Cordelia and Fairfield enroute to Napa Jct.

New CFNR Engine house at Napa Jct.
CFNR 109, 113, and 103 with Kent Kahle at the throttle, operates at the Wye at Napa Jct.
CFNR Work Truck
CFNR 112, 113, and 109 leave the Budweiser plant in Fairfield

Extreme close-up of the CFNR Logo on the nose of a GP15
Close-up of the Cab of the first engine used by the CFNR. Tom Porter photo
First ever CFNR freight into Petaluma. Tom Porter photo
CFNR Hi-Railer. Tom Porter photo

CFNR SD9's #200 and 201 await their next job. Tom Porter photo
CFNR doing what it does best...moving freight. Tom Porter photo
While not an action photo, it has a place here, it is the builders plate on #101. Tom Porter photo
California Northern GP15's arrive at Napa Jct. Tom Porter photo

CFNR #113 and sister #106 work at Napa Jct. Tom Porter photo
CFNR #106 with NWPY's "new" SD40's in the background. Tom Porter photo
Another view of CFNR #113 and sister #106 at Napa Jct. Tom Porter photo
CFNR westbound up the hill. Tom Porter photo

CFNR #112 leads sister #101 and train onto the Petaluma Waterfront. Tom Porter photo
CFNR #101 street running in Petaluma. Tom Porter photo
California Northern #105 works the former SP Los Banos Branch. Greg Elems photo
California Northern GP15's line up nice and pretty at Napa Jct. Paul DeRouen photo

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