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California Northern Credits

California Northern
Contributor Credits

The Unofficial California Northern Website is looking for photos of the CFNR Equipment. If you would like your name here, please E-mail David Epling . with corrections, updates, and photos. PLEASE be reminded that the pictures on The Unofficial California Northern Website by permission of the photographer, and that photo while displayed on these pages REMAINS the property of the Photographer, and may NOT BE RE-POSTED ON ANY OTHER WEBSITE, NEWSGROUP OR OTHER PUBLICATION, WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF THE OWNER OF THE PHOTO. If I have left your name off, please understand that is was accidental, and please let me know, so I can give the appropriate credit. Thanks.

John Barnhill - His Website is: Nor-Cal SP Connection

Jeff Davis - Complete set of pictures for #3502

David D. - His Website is: Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Photo Archive (Also Ashley, Drew & Northern)

Gus Campagna - Roster shots of LLPX 171

Pete Du Chene - Several images

Greg Elems - Several images

Walt Freedman - Several Images and Models

Al Fonseca - Roster Image of TP&W 2019

Tim Hanesworth - Several images of 201 and 202

Jim Hanrahan - Several Roster images

David Jones - David started the original California Northern Website while a student at UC Davis in 1996. These pages are a continuation of his efforts.

Kent Kahle - Photo and information Contributions

Grant Kern - Photo Contributions

Chris Kinoshita - Several Roster images

Dan Klitzing - His website is: Dan's Depot

Jeremy Levish - Roster shots of 4097 and 4098

Jim Ley - His Website is: Jim Ley's Photos

Ken Liesse - Managing Editor, Flimsies Northwest

Jamie Miller - Roster shots of LLPX 171 (Leased SW1500)

Ron Moore - Roster shots of LLPX 171 (Leased SW1500)

Robert Souter - Roster photo of 202

Eugene Vicknair - Roster photo of 101

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