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California Northern Operations

California Northern Operations

Railroad Gif's Drawn and copyrighted by Dan Klitzing. Re-posted here with his permission and my gratitude

Operation of the CFNR is Locals only, every train is a local with power stationed at Napa Junction, Fairfield, Corning, Woodland and Tracy. For the most part they all go on duty at 0800. RCO is in effect for most of the jobs as well. Unfortunately, the pipe trains depicted in the gif train above have been discontinued and the plant in Napa has been closed by their parent company in Canada.

CFNR also acts as an interchange between UP and NWP (Currently closed due to FRA restrictions, Not expected to re-open anytime soon) on its Bay Area line. CFNR operates rebuilt GP-15's. The Tracy-Los Banos lines uses one GP-15 and the Davis - Tehama line uses multiple sets of GP15's with the Corning Flyer currently sporting SW1500 #171. The line to Vallejo and Napa uses 1 GP15. All of CFNR's engines are painted in a green/beige color scheme with bright yellow accents (exception being the three LLPX lease units. 2 SD40's and one SW1500 and the occasional RailAmerica unit that might wander through). 

CFNR connects with two other railroads:

The UP interchanges at Davis, Suisun and Tracy

The Napa Valley Railroad in Napa (few cars shipping outbound wine are exchanged - NVR is mainly a tourist railroad, running the Napa Wine Train lunch and dinner excursions)

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