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The 1924 Robbery at Concrete Bridge Crossing

    The 1924 Robbery at Concrete Bridge Crossing

The following article appeared in various newspapers including the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat in 1980. In 1924, a C&I train out of Rexis bound for Colver was the victim of one of the last great train robberies in the United States.

One correction: it was not the rail line that crossed the concrete bridge, it was the highway between Belsano and Nicktown that crossed the concrete bridge. The railroad crossed the highway just a few feet south of the bridge which carried the road over Elk Creek. The C&I had a flagstop station at this location, which is why the engineer stopped the train.

The concrete bridge that the station was named for does not exist anymore. The highway (modern-day PA route 271) and bridge long ago were relocated a short distance to the east. Click here to see a site which contains a photo of how the crime site looks today.

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