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C&I Odds 'n Ends

Some C&I Odds and Ends:

Here's a steam-era C&I passenger train. Henry Statkowski sent this photo along. Enjoy:


Here are some images I've collected in the past few years that I don't remember adding to any of the older pages...

#41 spotted behind the old freight office. I have visited Colver many times and never saw anything sitting at this specific location, so this is a treat. I can't remember where this particular photo came from... I have a number of photos I've bought or had given to me and have lost track of where some of them are since the move; I've loaned others that were never returned, so I apologize for missing credits for some of the photos found here.


Photos of self-propelled passenger car 99:

Notice there's no ballast under the track, and it's leveled with logs and lumber. Temporary track? I wonder where the location of this photo was.

At Manver Station. Another photo of the station appears below.





This isn't a C&I photo, but it was taken not that far from the C&I's territory. We lived beside the Indiana Branch of the B&O (former BR&P) when I was a kid (1960s-early 70s), right where it crosses old route 119 at Lucerne Junction, north of Homer City. I scanned this from the Indiana Gazette (as you can easily see). Since all those other self-propelled car photos are on this page, why not include this one too?


Here are photos of two old signs still in existence:

This old AMC Motors sign still hangs along old route 19 south of Sutton, WV. The old fellow who owns the run-down building next to it was driving by and stopped while I was taking this photo, and wasn't very nice until I explained what I was doing, where I worked, and where I lived; then he became quite friendly. I guess I should have asked first but didn't know who to ask, and I didn't think anyone would care. It turns out that someone tried to buy this sign from him years ago but couldn't get it down.


Here's another blast from the past - when was the last time you saw a 7UP sign that looked like this? This is located along a county route north of Gassaway, WV.