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Canadian North Western railway

Canadian North Westrn Railway

The Canadian North Western Railway or CaNW for short is a fictional railway, based in Ontario and Michigan. Serving such industries as grain elevators, chemical plants, automotive plants, lumber, and many other industries. CaNW has exstensive trackage in Michigan and southwestern Ontario, but has trackage rights with CN to move freight in the ST.Clair tunnel. To stay competitive in the railroad market CaNW looked for mergers and buyouts of smaller roads such as LOLX railway, FD&O, GR&AA, JCLRY and a partnership with RXT railway. New purchases of the Chatahm sub for CN allow a new route to Windsor/Detroit and London. Midwestern has given us trackage rights throught Michigan in excahnge for trackage rights to London ontario via Sarnia/Port Huron. With the increase in traffic, CaNW has bought new SD70ACe and SD70M-2 locomotives drom EMD.