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Ringling Bros. Performance, July 26, 2003, Anaheim, CA

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train  

Part V, The Performance

Red Unit, 133rd Edition, July 26, 2003, Anaheim, California

Story and Photographs by Carl Morrison

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Before the performance, you can look at all the animals up close and participate in the Adventure on the arena floor.

Blow Dryer for an elephant (to blow hay off their backs)

You may view the animals before the show,

And get an autograph of Kristin Stewart
on the arena floor,

Have your picture taken with clown, Richard Melendy

or, dress up like a circus clown.


Clown around with Dad,


Watch the performers up close


Meet the Band Conductor, Bret Barlow..

Buy a souvenir and a large program,


get a kiss from Asia the elephant hosted by
Clown Molly Pelley.


And, before you know it, the clowns are all in the
center ring and you hear Ringmaster, Lee Iverson's
tenor voice singing the National Anthem and
introducing The Greatest Show On Earth.


"Bello"the clown will make
the kids laugh, yet the adults
will marvel at his talent.
2685                            2687

Sometimes Bello is watching, as in this
five elephant jump.


Between acts, the clowns do a school lunchroom gag
with 40 gallons of soap suds in the form of pies.


Sacha Houcke leads his light Arabian horses, in
one ring, while Karin is in another.


Soon Sacha has a lone Palamino surrounded by
light Arabians, dark Freisians, and Zebras!

Mark Oliver Gebel performs with ten Bengal tigers

And ten Pachyderms


The Hebei Troupe's two-man imperial lion


The Globe of Death, Five bikers in a steel sphere.


And a well-deserved drink of 'Arrowhead' water after the two-plus hour show!


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