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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train

2010 Blue Unit Circus Train Report and Photos from Commerce and Anaheim, CA, by Carl Morrison

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Chapter 5:  Pie Car Press Conference Photos and 

Chef Michael Vaughn and Performers in Costume

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The first person I saw when I entered the Pie Car was Michael Vaughn, the Chef of the Blue Unit Pie Car. Check my 2006 interview of Michael at:

I thought we'd have steak, knowing Michael, and sure enough, we did.

A Bulgarian appetizer ... enough for a meal!

Michael Vaughn, Chef, explaining the menu.

Michael explained that the appetizer was Vera's recipe.  She's "Mom" to all who come to the Pie Car.

The business half of the Pie Car.

The dining half of the Pie Car, with performers and news reporters and cameramen.

Ringmaster, Johnathan Iverson meeting the local Channel 3 crew, Vanessa Peng, reporter, and Jeff Davis, cameraman.

See Carmen Torres in action at:

Daniel Sanchez "Tamalito," a 38-year-old clown from Peru.

Carmen Torres, from Caaguazu, Paraguay, who rides a motorcycle in the 'Globe of Steel'.

Paulo dos Santos-Nano from Brazil.

The Pie Car is decorated with historic circus posters.

After 8 years of training, Paulo became skilled in the art of Capoeira, which is a combination of martial arts moves, dance moves and acrobatics, including straps, and is extremely popular in Brazil.  He is also a teacher of the art of Capoeira.  Four years ago he went to the Brazian Circus, Teatro, for 3 years.  He went to a Ringling audition with 20 'little guys' where he performed trampoline, acrobatics and straps.  He won the job and is now with the Blue Unit of Ringling's Circus.

Paulo dos Santos-Nano's Bio.:

Ringmaster and clowns, clowning around for the cameras back in the Pie Car.

Bye, until I attend the Circus in Anaheim on Aug. 5, when I'll add some performance photos.

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