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Tightrope Teacha, Sara Greenback, Circus Teacher

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train

2009 Red Unit Circus Train Report and Photos from Anaheim, CA, by Carl Morrison

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Chapter 4:  Circus Teacher, "Tightrope Teacha Sara," a Circus Train Resident

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While taking photos for this report of the residential coaches in Anaheim, I noticed a person sitting in a fork lift next to the railcars.  Thinking this might be a female forklift operator for the circus, I approached her.  As I got closer,  she looked up with a big smile from her MacBook laptop computer.  Once I saw that she was more the size of a circus performer, perhaps an aerialist or dancer, I asked, "Are you with the circus?"  She replied, "Yes, I'm a Teacher."




The newest 'hire' at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus,

Sara Greenback of Riva, Maryland

Sara has been to The Gambia and Costa Rica, truly a world traveler!  She has her Master's Degree in Education from St. Mary's College in Maryland.  She had only held the circus teaching job for a week, and had not actually ridden on the train yet.  She will get to add that experience when the show ends in Anaheim Sunday night, July 26, and opens in Ontario, CA, Wednesday evening.  As it turned out, she had escaped the noise of her room on the Circus Train, and had found this shady seat in which to use her MacBook to start a Blog of her experiences living on the Circus Train.

She asked Yours Truly if she could interview me about the Circus Train, since only having lived on it a week, she didn't know much about it, and being the ham I am, I consented.  I was surprised when she just turned her MacBook around and interviewed me on the built-in camera (I'll have to do this sometime.) 


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