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LA Travel and Adventure Show

February 3, 2024

Photos and Report by Carl Morrison,

I attend the Travel and Adventure Show each year in Los Angeles.  I get a press pass from them to attend in return for a report and photos for and  It is held on Saturday and Sunday at the Los Angeles Convention Center; Traffic is relatively light to drive my 2020 Tesla 3 about 45 minutes there for the day. One unexpected cost was $25 for parking.

I like to look for tourist trains to mention to my readers and readers as a destination to which they could drive their Teslas or other EVs. (Gas this day is over $5 a gallon.)  A highlight for me is also hearing Travel Writer,  Pauline Frommer, "Life-Enhancing Vacations that won't break the bank,"  (whose speakers notes are presented below.)

Teslas to Trains
Another adventure driving our Tesla to ride a Tourist Train, or in this case to learn about tourist trains around the American West.

View from Room 302 where I picked up my press pass.

My transportation to the LA Travel Show was our 2020 Tesla Model 3.

I suggest the LA Travel Show as a destination for Electric Vehicle owners since so many USA destinations are represented in the show which takes place in Chicago, LA, Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver, and SF/Bay (check at for show dates in these cities.)  I did not need it, but I noticed EV Chargers in the parking area.

Seven Tourist Trains represented at the LA Travel Show..

I expected the usual Tourist Train companies - Grand Canyon Railway, The Skunk Train, and Verde Canyon Railway, but found four additional trains represented as well.
(Click most photos for a larger image)


Grand Canyon Railway (AAA has information as well)

As the code says, go to for information. 
Lucy mentioned a Show Special of 50% off 1st Class or above when booking within 10 days (February 14, 2024).

Click Here for their video explaining the train trip and accommodations:

Verde Canyon Railway was conveniently represented in the same booth.

Both trains above, Verde Canyon and Grand Canyon also have a combined website:

The Skunk Train and Rail Bikes was represented in a booth with River Fox Train and Sunburst Railbikes.

Use the links above in gold to learn more about these tourist trains in California.

Rocky Mountaineer was a new vendor at the LA Travel Show as far as I know. 
They offer AAA discounts and this year has added a "American Southwest" trip from Moab to Glenwood Springs and Denver which they call, "Rochies to the Red Rocks".

Rocky Mountaineer Canada and new USA routes.

Alaska Railroad also had information:  Interactive Map of their many trips:

Or write Alaska Railroad, P.O. Box 107500, Anchorage, AK  99510-7500 and ask for the Winter or Summer schedule.

Video promoting Alaska Railroad:

Other fun things at the LA Travel Show

Choctaw Country of Oklahoma sponsored the free photo booth this year where you could select props and a background for a free photo.  I usually select palm trees at a beach, but no such offering this year so I selected an elephant to be fearful of.

There are several countries who have costumed members and music in attendance.

IMG_3145.jpg     IMG_3146.jpg

IMG_3158.jpg    IMG_3162.jpg    IMG_3160.jpg

The booth photographer said I did not look angry enough to be a Fijian Worrier

IMG_3168.jpg    Waterbottle.jpg
Lazar's Luggage in Sherman Oaks, CA had a booth with 20% off all items. 
I bought a navy blue que 20 oz. collapsible silicone water bottle.
Online they have a 15% discount "travel15"

I noticed a photography book on the McKay Photography Tours table and learned that David would send me not only that book but all 3 books he had produced on photography if I would sign up for his mailing list.  When I got home, I found this pop up offer on his website:  "Register and receive a FREE copy of David McKay's #1 Best Selling book, "Photography Demystified- Your Guide to the World of Travel Photography"  So I have book 1 in pdf already!  Try it at:   Click the video on this site to the variety of places to which he leads tours:

I accomplished all my Tourist Train research and fun other booth visits and went to the Travel Theater for my last activity, Pauline Frommer's presentation which I enjoy each year because it's more up to date each year.

(Click most photos for a larger image)

IMG_3174.jpg    IMG_3175.jpg
She says unlike other speakers who ask you to turn off your smart phone, she says to turn it on and use it as a camera to capture her screens of information rather than trying to write down all the travel links.  I need to find her podcast sometime.

She talked about "The Grand Tour" that the rich used to take back in sailing ship times. 

She asked what one thing they always took with them on these extensive international trips...
A pig to pre debug a used bed in a country inn, or if all else fails, to eat.

Pauline asked what the nations above have in common...warnings about the USA being an unsafe place to travel...Venezuela?!

The US also warns about some places unsafe to travel to.


IMG_3186.jpg    IMG_3187.jpg

IMG_3190.jpg    IMG_3192.jpg

IMG_3193.jpg      IMG_3194.jpg
Drip Pricing = Added fees by Airlines - US Airlines are the worst.

IMG_3195.jpg    IMG_3196.jpg

IMG_3197.jpg    IMG_3200.jpg

IMG_3201.jpg    IMG_3203.jpg

IMG_3204.jpg     IMG_3205.jpg
Right, Pauline's daughter at 16 between high school and college when she volunteered overseas.


All speakers have a nearby booth

With my brain full, but my stomach empty, I considered driving to Philippe's for a French Dip, or the San Antonio Winery for a sandwich, but The Compass Cafe in the convention center was still open so I had a deep fried lunch and Dr. Pepper.

IMG_3210.jpg    IMG_3211.jpg
Making my way to I-10 and home, I noticed the red RR crossing bar right of the STOP sign.  It was warning of the oncoming Metro Rail, which safely passed and I joined the I-10 and my Tesla's Autopilot through some stop and go traffic without incident.


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