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"Silver Rails Events Center" and "Evening Gala" LaPlata, MO

La Plata, Missouri, Rail Events on February 23, 2008

Report and Photographs by Carl Morrison.  Comments welcome at

Ribbon Cutting of the "Silver Rails Events Center." 

Arriving in LaPlata two days before the Ribbon Cuttings and Evening Gala associated with the Silver Rails Resort, I was priviledged to get a 'backstage' view of the work going into these events.  I had brought five of my best Steam Train Photographs from California to be hung on consignment in the Events Center.  On this dual-purpose trip to report on the events of Feb. 23, for, and to expand my train photography business,,  I was happy to arrive in LaPlata, even though it was in the 'dead of winter.'
My first views of the Events Center, 202 E. Moore, LaPlata, MO,  under construction:

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Quick progress was being made from former businesses of the Wheatcraft Motor Company, and a trucking company.
The bar, restrooms, and kitchen area behind the stone wall.

Rail related decor throughout.

Tom Marshall, center, discusses a future Taxidermy Conference to be held at the Events Center.  Other Scheduled Events include a Wedding Show, The Coon Hunters Conference, and the local high school's prom.

Comfortable booths populate part of the center.

Outside, the window signs and coverings were being applied.  Tom Marshall's shop, across the street, had made a large Silver Rails Resort sign.  Awnings were still to be installed as well.

Inside Tom Marshall's Shop, the bar tops were being finished.

One of the custom made bar tops.
A second bar top.

I decided that the best thing for me was to get out of the way and let Tom and Kelly Marshall and Donnie Sizemore do their magic in getting this place ready!

Two days later, the transformation from a trucking company to an Events Center had been completed. It was time for the

Ribbon Cutting of the "Silver Rails Events Center"

3:30 pm, Saturday, February 23, 2008.

The signs had been installed.  The type of Private Parties that this new center could accommodate are:  Reunions, Conventions, Wedding Receptions, Banquets, and Dances.  Their contact number is 660.332.4669.  Their website is

With new signs affixed to the Events Center and Awnings installed, witnesses to the Ribbon Cutting began to arrive.

Richard Buckman, Shelbina, MO, a world rail traveller was in attendance.
TV cameras were in place for the LaPlata Mayor, Larry Herron's  comments.
Kirksville Ambassadors give Steve and Barbara their first dollar of clear profit, as Maria Snodgrass, Kelly and Tom Marshall look on.


Steve Grande and Barbara Cepinko cut the ribbon for the Silver Rails Event Center


Following the Ribbon Cutting, guests were invited inside for a first fiew of the Events Center.  They were amazed how the former Chevrolet Dealership had become a true Events Center, outfitted for the evening's Gala.  Refreshments were served.  One attendee remarked, "The last time I was in here, I bought tires for my truck!"

Another example of this being a national audience.  Dutch, tan coat, and his wife to the right, are from Pennsylvania.
In the event's center is a metal sculputre in the shape of Missouri.

A close up of the LaPlata area.

The ribbon cutting was very exciting for those who had not been able to see the reformation of the truck garage to the Events Center.  This was a great opportunity to see the inside of the Events Center for those not attending the Gala later.

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