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the late 80s

The Late 1980s


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An early summer day in 1987 and Conrail's executive E units are leading a special excursion through North Weedsport NY.

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The same location on a bitterly cold December day has train NFSE creating its own blizzard from freshly fallen snow.

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Conrail's Southern Tier Route (former Erie mainline) traverses the scenic Canisteo River Gorge in western NY.

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Farther east on the Southern Tier route a big GE passes through the old village of Owego, NY.

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A round end dome observation car of California Zephyr heritage trails the 1986 edition of the NYS&W's Maple Festival train at Binghamton, NY.

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In the late 1980s Montreal commuters were still riding ancient equipment, powered by 70 year old electric locomotives

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Westbound CP freight blasts through the Ontario countryside near Brockville, ON.

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Deshler Ohio is the "crossroads of the B&O" where the Detroit - Cincinnati line intersects the Chicago - Baltimore main.. This general merchandiser is making the turn from the Chicago line to the Cincinnati.

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Buffalo NY's Central Terminal was a grand palace of railroading built in the 1920s. By the 1980s it stood derelict and abandoned, the concourse severed from the main terminal building. This view from the remains of that concourse  shows a westbound passing the main building. 

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Starrucca Viaduct is distantly visible across the valley, over the nose of the lead unit as an eastbound passes through Susquehanna, PA on the Southern Tier line.

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On a sultry summer evening, a couple of local kids try to cool off in Cattaraugus Creek as the Arcade and Attica passes overhead.

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North Weedsport NY was one of my favored locations. It had a clear view of the railroad, a curve, a bridge to shoot from, and 30 to 40 trains a day.


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