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1997 to the present

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Christmas Eve day 1997 and the only thing running on the railroad is Amtrak, treating the passengers of #14 to a winter wonderland crossing Salt Creek Trestle.

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A 4449 powered excursion passes Horse Thief Lake in the Columbia River Gorge.

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Laying over in Portland Union Station between runs.

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One of my favorite locations on the Cascade Line is at Fields, high above the Salt Creek Valley. Nice light all day, good views in both directions and vistas of the mountains across the valley.

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The top of the line is along the shore of Odell Lake at Cascade Summit. This was a favorite company publicity location back in SP days.

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Another favorite location is Mowich. A siding, nice signal bridge, and view of Diamond Peak. 

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The lead unit is only half a car length from crossing the state line into California on the BNSF Inside Gateway  near Morrill, Oregon.

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In the summer of 2002, UP's #6936 leads an engineering special through Oakridge. 

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Another leftover from SP days (unfortunately now gone) were the wig-wag signals in Downtown McMinnville..

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The Albany and Eastern crossing the Santiam River near Lebanon Oregon  on a very hot July day.

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Southbound UP train QPDRV bound from Portland to Roseville passing though downtown Springfield on the first Sunday of 2003.

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In 2000 it was common to see solid sets of SP C44's on the hotshot Z trains, such as this southbound crossing Salmon Creek above Oakridge. 

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In the October 2002, the McCloud River Railroad ran a series of fall color excursions out of McCloud, California. The lack of snow on towering Mt. Shasta testifies to the lateness of the season and the dryness of the year.

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Painted in American Freedom Train colors, SP 4449 leads an excursion up the Deschutes River Canyon at Trout Creek in spring, 2002.


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