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It was in a time long ago, and a land far away that I came into this world. My uncle owned a restaurant near the tracks just west of Union Station in St. Louis. One day during a family visit, my dad took me over to watch the trains go by. I've been hooked ever since. Thanks, dad!

When I was seven my folks packed us up and moved to Los Angeles. I spent my most formative years growing up in the San Fernando Valley, in a time of horse ranches and orange groves, not too far from SP's Coast Line. When I was 21 I moved farther up the line, to Santa Barbara to attend school. The next few years found me moving back and forth between there and the San Francisco Bay area. I spent the middle and later part of the 70s in Utah and Wyoming, moving to New York state in 1980. In 1997 my life changed, and I fulfilled a longtime dream by moving to Oregon. I presently reside in Springfield, MP 620.7 on the former SP Cascade line.

I am currently employed by the Bethel School District as a Network Technologist, providing hardware support for the district's computers.

I am fascinated by big noisy things that move - trains, planes, ships, trucks and cars. I am most interested in trains and railroads and have traveled all over the country to ride and photograph. Some of my other interests include American History of the 1930s and 40s, walking, bicycling, architecture, and geography. I enjoy listening to most types of music, watching films, and reading.


Cascade Bruce 1956

Cascade Bruce 2001



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