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    Train images with action and sound. Almost as good as being there yourself!

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Pacing the NKP 587 along an Indiana highway, June 1991. MPEG,1.3 megs

N&W 1218

N&W Class A #1218 crossing the large trestle at Westfield, NY at speed. June 1991. MPEG 1.3 Megs

BN Commuters

Two BN commuter trains, both powered by classic E9s, pass at Hinsdale in suburban Chicago. June 1991. MPEG 1.1 Megs


An eastbound CNW stack train screams through DeKalb, Ill at speed. June 1991. MPEG 1.7 Megs


Challenger 3985 crossing the KB&S diamond at St. Anne, IL July 1993. MPEG 2.1 Megs


Amtrak # 11 the southbound Coast Starlight passing a UP freight at Wicopee, Oregon, high in the Cascades. MPEG 3.5 Megs




Amtrak Cascade service Talgo speeds by UP's Albany local at Halsey, OR March 2001. MPEG 2.3Megs




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