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Rusty the Dog
    My faithful canine companion.


My bud, Rusty. He's been with me since I rescued him from the SPCA as a young pup. I don't know exactly what he is, but guess a mix of Chocolate Lab, Golden Retreiver, and ???. He is very intelligent, very personable, and has loads of energy. His favorite activities are playing tug of war with his toys, chewing, walking, and he never passes up a chance to eat. He's a great sniffer, too. No tree, bush, pole or fencepost escapes his attention. Going for a ride in the car always gets him excited, but not railfanning. He is afraid of trains! Just the sound of an airhorn or clanging bell on a videotape is enough to make him leave the room.


Rusty is also known as the "bat -dog" because of his large, standup ears.


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