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Chesapeake Bay & Western
Chesapeake Bay & Western
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August 20th, 2006

Membership in the Chesapeake Bay Railroaders

Membership in the Chesapeake Bay Railroaders is currently open and prospective members are encouraged to stop by during one of the regularly scheduled operating sessions.

The club is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia and operates as a non-profit hobby organization. It derives its income from monthly member dues (presently $25 per month) and income from semi-annual railroad flea markets held in conjunction with the CB&W Open House.

The club meets every Thursday night at 7:30. The first Thursday of each month is the business meeting, and the remaining Thursday nights are reserved for regularly scheduled operating sessions.

Major layout construction, maintenance, etc. are normally done on Tuesday nights or other times convenient for the workers involved.

Members are issued clubhouse keys upon initiation and are free to work on or operate the layout at any time, provided they have been qualified in the details of its operation.

Trains to be operated on the layout must be inspected for conformation with National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) and club standards such as wheel gauge, weight, and Kadee or Kadee compatible couplers.