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Then and now Chardon Depot detail page.

The Cleveland & Eastern Chardon Depot

     The top photo, taken in 1910, shows C & E Car #53 and crew posing for a photo in front of the depot. The bottom photo shows the depot building in 2003.

     Although the depot building has seen many tenants through the years and its' facade has been painted white, it still looks pretty much the same today as it did in the days of the C & E. The line's freight depot was in the second store from the right, with the arched windows and doorframes. The ticket office and passenger waiting room were located in the store on the end to the right of the freight depot.

     The Chardon Chamber of Commerce now occupies the formar ticket office and is the location of our Organization's monthly meetings. The rails and Interurbans have given way to asphalt and automobiles, but the current line of the utility poles is approximately where the old overhead line poles once stood.


UPDATED 10/20/2007