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Then and now Scotland Station detail page.

The Cleveland & Eastern Scotland Station

     In the top photo we see passengers waiting at the Scotland Station as C & E Car #53 approaches. The station was located behind the Neher & Mills Store on Mayfield Road, seen from the front in the second photo. The store supplied dry goods to the bustling communities of Scotland and nearby Chesterland for many years. After the C & E abandonment in 1925, a neighbor moved the station building across Mayfield Road to his back yard. Ironically, the structure was used as a garage for the owner's automobile.

     Photo three, taken in 2003, shows the store building vacant and in disrepair. The Chester Historical Foundation rescued the structure from demolition. Both it and the station have been moved to the Foundation's site at the corner of Mayfield and Caves roads near the former C & E Chester Caves stop.

     The station has been restored and now sits along the original roadbed, as seen in the bottom photo. The Neher and Mills Store is being restored to its original configuration and is located now on the far side of the station. Visit our 'Other Fun Stuff' page for a link to the Foundation's Web Site to learn more about the Organization and its' efforts to preserve histirci structures from the Chester Township area.


UPDATED 10/20/2007