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Where Do We Stand Right Now?
Where Do We Stand Right Now?
What has happened since October 1998?
  • Referendum on local one-half cent sales tax dedicated to transit in the county passed in November by a margin of  58 to 42 percent.
  • Transit tax enacted by Mecklenburg County Commissioners in March 1999.
  • Collection of the tax began in April of 1999.  Tax expected to generate around 50 million dollars per year.
  • Metropolitan Transit Commission created to oversee development and operation of transit systems in April 1999.
  • Citizens Advisory Committee to be formed by June 1999 to provide input to MTC, and work on study on whether to create a more independent Transit Authority by 2004.
  • South Corridor Transit Study/EIS in progress.  Charlotte to Pineville light rail line could be under construction by 2004 with completion by 2006 if federal funding and planning process moves on schedule.
  • Independence Busway study for Uptown to Albemarle Road segment completed, but shelved.  Full corridor study for Charlotte to Matthews to get underway later this summer.
  • Corridor Studies to begin this summer on Airport, University, and North Corridors.  CEMT will push for more rail and fewer busways.
  • Construction on Vintage Trolley between Uptown and South End set to begin in early 2000.  Completion summer 2001 to early 2002 depending on construction of Convention Center Hotel which the line will pass through.
  • Regional rail/commuter rail studies for the area by N.C. Department of Transportation delayed until 2000.

Compiled 5/11/99