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CEMT Officials Appointed and By-Laws Approved
On March 25, 1999, the core CEMT members approved a tentative set of by-laws for CEMT.  They will also be working toward obtaining a 501c3 tax-exempt status.   CEMT will remain non-profit.  Any income from dues will be used to print and mail the newsletter, which will be distributed quarterly.  Any income remaining will be used for business related expenses, our slide and video presentation, as well as research, which involves  contacting transit experts and other associations such as ours in the US and Canada.  These contacts help us keep up with the latest events and ideas in other areas of the country.  This will help us do a better job here in Charlotte because many of these ideas can be applied here as well.

Also at the March 25th meeting, an initial board of directors was appointed until the first annual meeting can be held (in the spring of 2000). The board selected are: Co-Presidents, Robert Bischoff and Martin Wheeler; Treasurer, Dawn Blobaum; and Communications, Bonnie Blum.

All officers and staff are completely volunteer, with no one receiving any compensation except for some out-of-pocket expenses.  In fact up to this point even out-of-pocket expenses have been paid for by the core members, and it is hoped, income from our dues will cover at least some of these expenses.


Updated 8/6/02