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Gaithersburg Station
Updated June 1999


These views date from 1984 and predate the renovation of the station and arrival of Buffalo Creek and Gauley #14.

Gaithersburg Station ca. 1984

This is the station itself, back in the days when the Capitol Limited stopped here. It is now served only by MARC. Immediately to the right is where BC&G #14 sits now.

Gaithersburg Freight House ca. 1984

This is the freight house, now utterly renovated. The B&O boxcar peeking around the end is sitting on the siding that now holds several preserved cars. Back when this picture was taken, Gaithersburg was rural enough that the grain elevator at the right of the picture had not yet been incorporated into a shopping center. The window to the left of the freight house, above the parking lot, is where the model train store is.

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