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B&O/C&O Operating Rules - 1969  



This is transcribed from a rulebook in my possession. It is labelled "B&O-C&O Form CDT-29 Rev.4-69". This is a work in progress, as the book has 168 pages. I do not at this time intend to transcribe all of it. I have just begun to enter the signal indications, and don't plan to enter the C&O signal indications until last.

Ed Hobbs has entered the 1953 B&O rulebook which, as best I can determine, was the immediate predecessor of the 1969 book. The copy of the 1953 book in my possession has innumerable stickers pasted in and is quite different in some sections; the online copy appears to represent the book as originally issued. It might be interesting to open both the 1953 and 1969 books in separate windows, as there are major differences in ordering and content. I am considering a dual index but have yet to find time to plan it out.

At the moment, because of changes at TrainWeb, frames do not work. Therefore you can either go through the pages by following the arrows/links at the bottom, or you can use the contents page.

The Contents page is colored according to the degree of completion: sections which are complete are in black, those that are absent are in gray, and those that are partially entered are in green.

I have tried to mimic the appearance of the rule book as best as possible, but I have sacrificed exact replication in some cases in order to maintain a text representation. In an attempt to make more headway on this, I have started hand-drawing the figures rather than scan them in as I originally planned. Later I hope to replace them with scanned artwork. Please note that the word "employe" is spelled as in the original and that gaps in numbering are also in the original. "Insure" is also consistently used instead of the correct "ensure". I've discovered two errors in the original so far: the page number given for the B&O signals is incorrect (it should say 88 instead of 72), and there is no entry in the contents for "Emergency Signals". I have added the latter to the frame contents, but otherwise the text is as transcribed.

 This is a work in progress.  
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3 October 2002 
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