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Dedicated to the PRR in western New York, western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and the West Virginia Panhandle

About This Site
     PRR's Central Region formed the midsection of the Pennsylvania Railroad system, bounded by Altoona, Renovo, and Rochester on the East and Columbus, Crestline, and Cleveland on the West.  In the 1940's, this area was perhaps the most productive industrial region on Earth, and the PRR moved mountains of freight behind brawny steam locomotives (and, towards the end of the decade, diesels) to serve it.  Terrain complicated matters; the PRR encountered some of its most rugged topography here.  Horseshoe Curve was in the Central Region, as well as the Muleshoe Curve and Keating Summit.  In addition to all the freight traffic struggling over hill and dale or clinging to the steep sides of the river valleys, the Blue Ribbon Fleet of luxurious passenger trains slipped along the main lines in the dark of night for morning arrival in the Midwest or on the East Coast.
     I want this site to become a forum for collecting and disseminating documents, anecdotes, and other information on this impressive transportation plant, its customers, and its connecting companies.  My models of a small portion of this region will also be presented, as well as contemporary railfanning in the area.  If you have a document, link, or other info you would like to see posted here, please email your webmistress!

     I would like to thank some folks who have, directly or indirectly, made this site possible:

Clan Mon -
     Derrick Brashear, Jack Consoli, Elden Gatwood

Modeling help and encouragement -
     John Frantz, Doug Nelson, Claus Schlund, Bruce Smith

Documents and info of all kinds -
     Tom Olsen

General thanks to -
     The PRRT&HS membership (if you are at all interested in the PRR, join!)