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37190 taking shape inside Boden Rail workshop at Washwood Heath on 28 June 2014


Photo taken by Gary Hinson


Aureol back in Blue

Now there a thought



‘You can smell the paint’              Aureol (ex-works) seen at Crewe Diesel Depot on 26 May 1971                Both photos taken by Derek Jones



 Bogie fracture work is complete



Having haunted the loco for the past thirty odd years, at long last we can now officially confirm that all the bogie fractures on Aureol have been repaired

along with a ten year re-certification certificate for all the locomotives air tanks.


Aureol moved to Barrow Hill in June last year after the group had successfully raised adequate funds to carry out all the bogie repair work. Once this work was

Completed, attention then turned to removing all the air tanks for inspection and re-certification. Only one air tank failed the inspection due to

Internal corrosion, this has since been replaced.


The next major job on the horizon is to try and raise additional funding which will enable us to carry out urgently needed body work repairs and a full external repaint,

Something Aureol badly needs after spending year after year outside in all weather’s. 

All four cab side panels need replacing, these are the ones situated under the drivers / secondmans windows on each cab. There is also a degree of welding

Work required along the counter rail area on both sides of the loco. This is the small strip which runs along the entire length of the body side where the roof section joins.  

Rain penetrates in behind the metal forming rust which eventually pushes the counter rail outwards giving it a rippled effect.



Below: - three photos of bogie repair work being carried out at Barrow Hill.                             All photos by Gary Hinson









Back in Traffic


MR-Butterley Diesel Gala




Photo taken from signal box at Swanwick Junction shows 37190 on the rear

1426 Hammersmith-Riddings service on September 22nd 2013              Photo by Paul Hill




Inside DPS Shed at Barrow Hill




D212 is seen on the jacks inside the Deltic Preservation Society’s shed at Barrow Hill on Sunday 7th July, undergoing bogie repair work.


This work wouldn’t have been possible without all the valuable help and financial support of all those who supported the bogie repair fund.

You will find the names of all those who supported us on our bogie repair fund page.


To date, this appeal fund still remains open so if anyone would like to support the ongoing work being done on the locomotive at

Barrow Hill please feel free to do so by making a donation to the Aureol Bogie Repair Fund.


                                                                                                                                                                             Photo by Paul Hill




Golden Oldie




40012 seen at Carlisle station having just arrived with the 1555 service from Leeds on 02 January 1985

Photo by Nick Williamson



Interested in English Electric Motive Power


Then you are just the person we are looking for



The Class 40 Appeal is currently looking for new volunteers to join our existing working party at the MR-Butterley.



At one time we had anything between ten and fifteen working members turn up on Sundays to work on the locos, unfortunately those days have now long gone and today we are lucky if half a dozen turn up on any particular Sunday.  The once strong working party as slowly diminished as volunteers have move onto pastures new, others have now got married and now have children to look after; or have just given up the hobby completely.



Losing at least half of our work force  over the years has taken its toll on the group  and we are now getting to the point where there’s just not enough of us coming down to carry out all the work required on the locomotives.



We are therefore launching a new working party campaign to try and encourage new members to join the group who would like to get involved in the maintenance and running side of things.



In exchange for all your hard work and dedication to the group, we offer new members the opportunity to become a part of the footplate crew by training for second man duties and eventually becoming a driver.



Previous experience on restoring and maintaining preserved locomotives would help but is not essential as full training will be given.



To become a part of the maintenance team is easy, all you need to do is become a fully paid up member of the group, turn up in overalls and safety boots and have a good sense of hummer.



Please note the group meets once a fortnight at the MR-Butterley on Sundays only.



We have an emailing list which is sent out in advance to all working members keeping them right up to date with working party arrangements.



Further details on joining the group or becoming a working member can be obtained from: -    Class 40 Appeal. 65 Darby Road, Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10 0PN.


Locomotive Information Wanted

We are always on the lookout for any information on 37190 and  40012 Aureol

On passenger or freight workings.

Stabled on depots between duties, or visiting Works.

All information supplied will be most welcome

C.F.A. 65 Darby Road Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10 OPN.