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Class 37 Photo Gallery


37190 Seen stored at Cardiff Canton Depot                     Photo by:- Paul Warden


37314 & 37320 passing Motherwell on MGR working.          Photo by:- Paul Warden

37190 Inside The Princess Royal Shed having a traction motor change on 05:06:04   Photo by  Chris Hill  

37190 & 37057 at Swanwick Junction during the diesel gala on 04:04:04     Photo by Paul Hill

37314 inside Swanwick shed on 10:12:06                          Photo by Paul Hill.

37314 at Buckfastleigh having just arrived from Totnes on 10:06:06         Photo by Derek Clarke

37314 Leaves Swanwick on 1515 Riddings-Butterley on 04:09:05              Photo by Paul Hill

37314 & 37321  Buckfastleigh on 1232 service from Totnes on 11:06:06   Photo by Derek Clarke

 37314 at night on Swanwick shed 09:12:06                    Photo by Paul Hill.


 37314 is seen at Swanwick station on a freight train 10:12:06            Photo by Paul Hill.

 37314 & 45041 side by side at Swanwick shed on 09:12:06            Photo by Paul Hill.

337314 Loughborough station on a rake of ballast hoppers 21:11:08             Photo by Paul Hill.

 37314 at Loughborough station on a rake of ballast hoppers 21:11:08      Photo by Paul Hill.


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