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Annotated Bibliography of Selected Books

Bee, Roger, Browne, Gary F., & Luecke, John C.; The Chicago Great Western in Minnesota; Anoka, MN, 1984. A balanced history of the numerous short lines fused together by the CGW in Minnesota.

Brown, Henry L.; Steam Locomotives of the Chicago Great Western 2-8-0 Consolidated Type; Minot, ND, 1977. This title offers photos and technical information about one type of steam locomotive commonly used by the CGW.

Chicago Great Western; "Corporate History of the Chicago Great Western Railroad Company as of the Date of Valuation, June 20, 1916;" Chicago, 1920. This was prepared by the CGW in order to satisfy, in part, the ICC Valuation of 1913.

Finch, C. W.; The Winston Tunnel and its Ghost; Newell, IA, 1985. A former CGW operator offers a brief history of the Winston Tunnel including two engineering studies by DeLeuw, Cather, & Company.

Funston, R. Merle; The Winston Tunnel and I; Newell, IA, 1983. A brief account of life on a small farm a half-mile north of the Winston Tunnel.

Garnhart, Randy, Pyfer, Jerry, & Nelson, Mark; Granger Road: A 20th Anniversary Pictorial Review of the Eastern Division, Chicago District; Rockford, IL, 1988. A 20 page booklet that portrays the Chicago District.

Grant, H. Roger; The Corn Belt Route: A History of the Chicago Great Western Railroad Company; DeKalb, IL, 1984. An outstanding history that provides a valuable corporate biography of the CGW.

Green, Gene; Chicago Great Western Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment; Scotch Plains, NJ, 1998. A 128 page all-color hardcover that features the rolling stock of the Corn Belt Route.

Hastings, Philip R.; Chicago Great Western: Iowa in the Merger Decade; Newton, NJ, 1981. Centered on the CGW in Iowa during its final decade, this pictorial essay covers most of the system.

Olmsted, Robert P.; Six Units to Sycamore: Chicago Great Western in Illinois; Woodridge, IL, 1967. A modest pictorial essay on CGW operations between Chicago and Sycamore, IL during its final decade.

Olmsted, Robert P.; Four to Remember: CGW, CB&Q, GM&O, & MILW; Janesville, WI, 1993. A section of this pictorial essay complements Olmsted's previous CGW offering, while the remaining sections illustrate portions of three other midwest fallen flags.

Stagner, Lloyd E.; Chicago Great Western in Color; Scotch Plains, NJ, 1997. This 128 page all-color hardcover provides uneven, yet valuable color material on the CGW.

Anonymous; History of the Chicago Great Western Railway Company; Unpublished manuscript. A source document anonymously prepared by employees.

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